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Memory GaphicHow skill in sport really works

by Matthew Leitch, 17 February 2002

This site is for ordinary people who enjoy a sport but would enjoy it more if they had more skill. I argue that many of us hold wrong beliefs about skill that are holding us back. Although these beliefs are easily shown to be wrong, they are so commonplace, and so often reinforced by language and coaching, that we are unaware of them and the damage they do.

This is sports psychology, but as far as I know there's nothing like it on the net. This is very, very different from the usual stuff about confidence and mental practice.

I've titled the myths with well known cliches that reinforce them:

The advice on these pages is the result of my long interest in the applied psychology of learning. In academic terms I'm talking about "perceptual-motor skills" but you won't need to wade through dozens of research references to get the points I make!

Apply all the advice from the pages above and start to build skills that:

You'll get better at building and re-building skills that perform well.

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank all those who have read this page and commented. I consider every point carefully and often make improvements as a result. I would also like to thank my son Hector for the picture.

About the author: Matthew Leitch has been studying the applied psychology of learning and memory since about 1979 and holds a BSc in psychology from University College London. Until recently he worked as a consultant in risk management and systems for a leading professional services firm.

Contact the author at: matthew@learningideas.me.uk

Words © 2002 Matthew Leitch
Picture © 2002 Hector Leitch
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